Black-Line : A new vision of Riding

QuickSett : The first Rotative & Connected snowboard biding

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Much more than just a binding

The QuickSett is a disc that facilitates the rotation of snowboard bindings via remote locking and unlocking. No more knee pains on the flats and chairlift. Spend a few seconds changing your stance from alpine to freestyle or freeride without any effort!
QuickSett Face QuickSett Face QuickSett Dos
Avoid knee torsions
Easy assembly
Skateboard inspired
For all brands
Only 150g
360° free rotation
5/6 days of autonomy
Télécommande QuickSett QuickSett

Simple locking and unlock system

By pressing on the grey and yellow buttons on the wrist remote

Light signals

White LED to confirm communication, orange for alerts

Bluetooth transmission

Bluetooth low energy with minimal consumption
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A story of passion

At its origine two brothers, Rémi and Sylvain Garnerone, lovers of the snow-capped peaks of their valley, Val d'Allos, and of extreme sports.

Comme summer or winter they tame land, sea and mountains: mountain biking, wakeboarding, skiing, snowboarding ... they do it all, everywhere. With his experience in design, Rémi is the creative one. He imagines and designs products adapted to the specific needs of extreme sportsmen. Sylvain knows how to spread the good word. ince the end of his business studies, he has done everything to develop the image of the Black-Line brand.

Their idea? The QuickSett, an ingenious concept of a rotating disc that allows for a cruising position, as with a skateboard. But also allows the snowboarder much more comfort in the queues and during chairlift rides.

After several months of development and the filing of a patent, Black-Line has just released its first product. But this is only the first step. Their ambition? Rethinking the lives of riders to offer them new sensations.

An experienced team

Rémi Garnerone's picture
Rémi Garnerone


Sylvain Garnerone's picture
Sylvain Garnerone

Co-founder & COO

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Benjamin Bernabé

Business Developer & Marketing

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